jamf Experts

While Carbon can deploy and support just about any device management platform (Microsoft Intune, AirWatch, MaSS360, Profile Manager, etc), Jamf Pro is by far the most feature rich solution that supports all Apple products… not some products partially and not a Windows management console that basically delivers an inventory record. If your business or school is using Apple products and you want to fully manage them with the greatest of ease, highest level of functionality, and industry leading passionate support, look no further than Jamf Pro. Carbon has been a Jamf partner since 2008 and an Integrator since 2011. Every Carbon technician is required to achieve and maintain Jamf certifications.


Certified JAMF Experts - Masters of the Apple Platform

Achieving the status of Jamf Expert means you are a master of the Apple platform. It is far beyond knowing how to create a policy or upgrade an application. It means you can integrate multiple platforms while providing custom solutions to fit unique situations. It is thinking outside the box. It is working outside the user interface. It is working beyond the limits imposed by Apple. It is knowing when and how to patch. It is knowing how to deliver a fluid user experience. It is mastering the control of the entire user experience, from deployment to decommission. And it is the ability to integrate with corporate IT departments to share and transfer that knowledge.

With less than 250 Jamf Certified Experts worldwide, this is a rare achievement and one that proves you are working with the very best Apple and Jamf partner. Carbon is passionate about our Apple and Jamf certifications, proving we have the knowledge and the skills to solve your greatest challenges.


JumpStart Administrators

You made the wise decision to choose Jamf Pro to manage your Apple products. Now choose a passionate crew to deliver your JumpStart. Not only do we cover the required content, but we use our vast experience to provide production ready guidance and advice. We cover the nuances of Apple fleet management that can take years to learn.

If the Jumpstart is not enough (and usually it isn’t), engage Carbon in a QuickStart. We will come back after the JumpStart is complete and take your Apple fleet from unmanaged to fully managed in about a week (size and complexity of deployment impacts duration of engagement). The Jumpstart is a great start. But for many companies, the JumpStart leads to a false start. Windows-centric IT staffs don’t get the Apple concepts and fumble through the first few months of Jamf administration. Don’t experience that pain. Let Carbon provide an immersive engagement to build a functioning, feature complete solution. It is a lot easier taking over a fully functioning Jamf Pro server than starting from the beginning and building with mistakes.


Not using jamf? There are a lot of other fish in the sea

Not using Jamf? We forgive you and we understand. It may no be the perfect fit for your organization. Only have iOS devices? No plans for Macs? Ok, let’s talk Intune or maybe AirWatch. Have an existing MDM that is supporting Android devices? As long as the product can satisfy your management requirements, let’s enroll your Apple devices. Sometimes, companies need more than one MDM to solve all deployment goals. No problem. Use Intune for your iOS device and Jamf with Intune integration for your Macs.

Regardless of your choice of management platform, Carbon can provide the guidance and experience to ensure successful management. If you have Apple products to manage, Carbon will support them with your tool of choice.